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What is Google's favorite search
What is Google's favorite search            Source: Unknown author: admin release time: 2019-01-1012:00 clicks: 103            What are our target users searching for in Google's 2018 Hot Search Analytics?            Trend analysis of explosive products in 2019 teaches you to find high potential categories! Click for Details            Last week, Google released its 2008 Global Hot Search List, which covers keywords, news, people, actors, athletes, and hot shows. This year, compared with the 2017 and 2016 lists, there are fewer keywords in terms of new technologies, technology and consumer electronics. This year, Apple's new mobile phone failed to make the same number as the previous two years, becoming a hot search for consumers.            The four-year World Cup has undoubtedly become a hot search in 2018, occupying the top place. But throughout this year's list, there is sadness and sadness. Many deceased celebrities have become the common concern of people all over the world. Apart from the World Cup, Princess Megan and the movie Panther, the other seven are all people who passed away this year.            Top 10 hottest search keywords in the world in 2018:            1) World Cup            2) Avicii (famous DJ Avicii)            3) Mac Miller (rapper Mac Miller)            4) Stan Lee (Stan-Lee, the father of Manway)            5) Black Panther            6) Meghan Markle (Princess Megan Markle)            7) Anthony Bourdain            8) XXX Tentacion (rapper)            9) Stephen Hawking (Stephen Hawking)            10) Kate Spade (Designer)            As a global cross-border vendor of currency, the business opportunity of big-ticket sales lies in the hot search of global consumers. Behind the consumer's concerns is the demand point, which is not only related to the selection of products, but also to all aspects of flow and marketing. Every day people enter their own questions in search engines. They want answers, and they want goods that make life better.            In addition to the global list, we also look at the hot search lists of the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, and six countries to get a better understanding of what target consumers are searching for.            U.S.A            Top Ten American Search Key Words in 2018:            1) World Cup            2) Hurricane Florence            3) Mac Miller (rapper Mac Miller)            4) Kate Spade (Designer)            5) Anthony Bourdain            6) Black Panther            7) Mega Millions Results            8) Stan Lee (Stan-Lee, the father of Manway)            9) Demi Lovato (American female singer)            10) Election Results            Top10 makeup problem in 2018, full of false eyelashes            1) How to apply magnetic lashes            How to install magnetic false eyelashes            2) What is a lash lift            What is eyelash stereotyping            3) How to remove individual yelashes            How to remove single eyelashes            4) What hair color looks best on me            What color of hair suits me best?            5) How to do cat eye            How to Make Cat's Eye            6) How to take off makeup without makeup wipes            How to remove makeup without removing wet towels            7) How to apply aloe vera on face            How to Apply Aloe Vera on Face            8) How to glue down eyebrows            How to Stick Eyebrows            9) How to fix cakey makeup            How to repair caked cosmetics            10) What color concealer to use            What color Concealer is used?            * Makeup sellers need to share more eyelashes. American consumers need you!            Fashion Search in 2018 is full of retro style            1) 1980s fashion (1980s fashion)            2) Grunge style            3) 1990s fashion (1990s fashion)            4) 2000s fashion (2000 fashion)            5) Meghan Markle (Princess Megan)            6) Men's Fashion (Men's Fashion)            7) Harajuku fashion            8) Hipster style (Hipster fashion)            9) Kate Middleton (Princess Kate)            10) 80s Mens Fashion            ** The annual American Fashion Search List is full of retro trends. Do you remember the popular fashion formula? Fifty years ago, the popular style was called "Old-Timey". Ten years ago, the popular style was called "retro". Last year, the popular style was called "outdated".            Canada            Top Ten Canadian Search Key Words in 2018:            1) World Cup            2) Winter Olympic Games (Winter Olympic Games)            3) Humboldt Broncos            4) Anthony Bourdain            5) Kate Spade (Designer)            6) Mac Miller (rapper Mac Miller)            7) Winnipeg Jets (Canadian Hockey Team)            8) Black Panther            9) Avicii (famous DJ Avicii)            10) Demi Lovato (American female singer)            In addition to Canada's hot search keywords, this year's Canadian postal workers'strike is closely related to cross-border sellers. The backlog of mail caused by the strike has set a new record for Canadian postal companies. Not only that, but the top of Canada's annual hot search list is why Canadian postal workers strike.            Top Ten Consumer Electronics Key Words in Canada in 2018:            1) Fortnite            2) Bitcoin            3) Red Dead Redemption 2 (Game Wilderness Bodyguard: Redemption)            4) Fallout 76 (Game Radiation 76)            5) iPhone Xs (Apple Mobile)            6) iPhone Xr (Apple Mobile)            7) Tomb Raider            8) Monster Hunter: World (Game Monster Hunter)            9) Far Cry 5            10) God of War           
Canadian consumer electronics concerns, full screen is the hottest game of the year, do you say they need a game handle            Mexico            Top Ten Search Key Words for Mexico in 2018:            1) Mundial 2018 (World Cup)            2) Resultados electorales de M xico (Mexican election results)            3) Freddie Mercury            4) Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador (Lopez, known as "Mexican Trump")            5) Fortnite            6) Croacia (Croatia)            7) Buen Fin 2018 (Mexican Shopping Festival)            8) Debate Presidencial 2018 (Presidential Debate 2018)            9) Movimiento Naranja (Mexico Public Service Advertising Orange Campaign)            10) Guatemala (Guatemala)            Britain            Top 10 UK search keywords in 2018:            1) World Cup            2) Meghan Markle (Princess Megan Markle)            3) Royal Wedding (Royal Wedding)            4) Black Panther            5) Roxanne Pallett (British actress)            6) Fortnite            7) Demi Lovato (American female singer)            8) Ant McPartlin (British host, actor)            9) A Star Is Born (The Birth of a Star)            10) Khloe Kardashian (American actor)            This year, the British royal wedding has become a hot topic in Britain and many countries around the world. Princess Megan has also been listed on the global hot search list. In the social media, not only Princess Kate and Princess Megan, but also the Royal babies are "king of cargo". The clothes and accessories worn by princesses and royal babies were snapped up in social media every minute. The British Royal Family is the fashion guide.            Top Ten News Searches in Britain in 2018:            1) Royal wedding            2) Royal baby            3) GDP R (EU General Data Protection Ordinance)            4) Jeremy Thorpe (British politician)            5) Spice Girls            6) Carillion            7) Australian flu (Australian influenza)            8) Hurricane Florence            9) Stormy Daniels (American actor)            10) iPhone XR (Apple Mobile)            Spain            Spain Top Ten Key Words Search in 2018:            1) Mundial (World Cup)            2) Cristina Cifuentes (Former Chairman of Madrid Region)            3) Fortnite            4) Bohemian Rhapsody (The Bohemian Rhapsody)            5) Cmeme El donut (duet song by Glitch Gyals)            6) Mocin de censura (no-confidence motion)            7) Faria (book Cocaine Coast)            8) Cambio de horario 2018 (schedule changes for 2018)            9) Huelga 8 de Marzo 2018 (Women's Day strike)            10) Sentencia La Manada (Sexual Assault Trial)            The change in the 2018 timetable comes from the adjustment of winter and summer time in Europe. On Tuesday, October 28, 2018, three o'clock in the morning returned to two o'clock, and Europeans had an extra hour's sleep. Spain entered the winter season, which may be the last time for Western Europe to adjust its winter and summer time.            From July to August this year, the European Union conducted a public consultation on people's opinions on time change. 84% of respondents expressed their opposition to the change of time twice a year, of which Spain was the third country with the largest opposition in this regard.            Spain's hot search in 2018:            1) Cmo hacer La declaracin de la renta?            How to complete the tax return in 2018?            2) Cmo reclamar irpf maternidad?            How to apply for maternity income tax?            3) Cmo funciona Tinder?            How does Tinder work?            4) Cmo se conocieron Harry y Meghan?            How did Prince Harry and Princess Megan know each other?            5) Cmo llamar con UN mero oculto?            How to make a phone call with an anonymous number?            6) Cmo VA Lo Mo nacionalidad?            What about my nationality?            7) Cmo hacer torrijas de leche?            How to make milk toast?            8) Cmo purgar radiadores?            How to clean the radiator?            9) Cmo solicitar La Vida laboral por mvil?            How to apply for a job by mobile phone?            10) Cmo saber si te Han bloqueado en WhatsApp?            How do you know if you were pulled black in Whatsapp?            Cross-border sellers in Spain have noticed that life skills in Spain are also a hot search. How to make milk toast and how to clean radiators? There are many kinds of recommendation and play methods about the small skills of recipe / dessert making and cleaning. It is a good choice for cross-border sellers to do content marketing.            Australia            Top Ten Key Words Search in Australia in 2018:            1) World Cup            2) Commonwealth Games (Commonwealth Games)            3) Meghan Markle (Princess Megan Markle)            4) Avicii (famous DJ Avicii)            5) Coinspot (Australian Digital Asset Trading Platform)            6) Anthony Bourdain            7) US Open Tennis            8) Mac Miller (rapper Mac Miller)            9) Bitcoin price (Bitcoin price)            10) Black Panther (The Panther) (Source: Trans-Electric)                 报错

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