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Six Questions Need to Know Before Novice Uses Google SEO
Six Questions Need to Know Before Novice Uses Google SEO            Source: Unknown author: admin release time: 2019-01-1011:38 clicks: 109            How to turn Google SEO into store traffic? How to set up internal and external chains?            Source:            Trend analysis of explosive products in 2019 teaches you to find high potential categories! Click for Details            Flow, as one of the important sources of shop orders, carries the blood of sellers. As we all know, Amazon CPC advertising and Google have become the main ways for many sellers to get traffic. In the two major traffic channels of Google AdWords and Google SEO, free Google SEO has become the first choice for most sellers.            However, how to convert it into the flow of shops, how to set up internal and external chains and so on has become a difficult problem for sellers. For this reason, Zeng Dewei, a specially appointed tutor of Google Foreign Trade School who has 9 years experience of draining Google website, shared his experience.            Hugo: We know that Google has two main channels of traffic, one is Google AdWords Google Bidding Advertising System, the other is Google SEO Google free natural ranking traffic. What are the differences between the two and what are their advantages?            Zeng Dewei: Google AdWords has recently changed its name to Google Ads. The traffic of Google Ads is paid traffic. Advertisers use Google Ads advertising system to set keywords for bidding advertisements, or advertise through online alliances and re-marketing functions.            The advantage of Google Ads is that advertisers can quickly get a large amount of traffic through the advertising system. It can accurately locate the target market, open and close advertising freely, and control the cost of advertising. The time of advertising can be precise to every hour, and the area of advertising can be precise to a city or business circle. However, Google Ads has a relatively high cost of keyword bidding advertising and a relatively low cost of online alliance advertising. Remarketing function can improve the conversion rate of advertising.            Google SEO's greatest advantage is free, through the natural ranking of Google SEO keywords into the site's traffic customers, its conversion rate is high, and relatively stable. Since the algorithm update of Google SEO in September 2016, the free traffic database of Google SEO can be updated globally in less than a week. This update is very important, it breaks the previous need to do Google SEO for three months, or even half a year, before the drawbacks of effectiveness! In addition, it can also obtain a large number of customers for long-term stability and free of charge, and the brand effect is good!            Hugo: What are the factors that affect the traffic of Google SEO?            Zeng Dewei: In order to find traffic in Google SEO, we must first make a website that conforms to the rules of Google SEO. There are a lot of site-building companies and procedures in China. There are not many cases of Google SEO implementation. Basically, it has no practical effect to talk on paper, so the website can not get the traffic of Google SEO. Often these factors are most easily ignored in Google's SEO operations.            Then, the factors that affect the traffic of Google SEO include: First, the factors of the website. Whether the website belongs to self-development, whether there is a deep transformation of the website for Google SEO, through the continuous improvement of third-party detection tools abroad, so as to achieve good ranking traffic; second, original high-quality article updates based on keyword layout. Do a good job in planning and deploying keywords for the whole site of Google SEO, update high-quality original articles related to keywords; 3. Build high-related internal and external links with original articles.            So in general, if you want to get a lot of traffic through Google SEO, you should first do a good job of the website, then do a good job of updating original high-quality articles based on keyword layout, and third, do a good job of building high-correlation keyword internal and external anchor text links. These three steps are good, it is not difficult to get traffic quickly through Google SEO.            Hugo: What are the practices of the internal and external links of Google SEO?            Zeng Dewei: The practice of Google SEO internal chain construction can be recommended through the association of site-building procedures. It is relatively simple and controllable to complete the construction of internal chain by keyword Association matching. The construction of Google SEO external chain is more extensive. Sellers can build external chains through foreign industry forums, blogs, bookmarks, social networking sites, Wiki sites, question-and-answer sites, photo sites, video sites and other channels.            Hugo: What should Google SEO pay attention to when setting up the external chain?            Zeng Dewei: Novice in doing Google SEO outside the chain, do not casually hair. Google's algorithms in the last two years are very demanding for the construction of external chains, and it will focus on cracking down on unrelated spam links. So, mass hair outside the chain, is basically useless!            Publishing the external chain, need to find the right channel, the best published page weight is high, content-related, and weight is DoFollow weight transfer, such links effect is good. A high weight, high correlation outer chain, sometimes hundreds, thousands of garbage outer chain effect is dozens of times better! Therefore, when we publish the external chain, we should not require more, but pursue quality.            Hugo: After getting traffic through Google SEO, how to convert it into store sales?            Zeng Dewei: The traffic that Google SEO obtains is based on the demand of keywords. This traffic conversion rate is high. When Google SEO traffic arrives at the website store, we need to optimize the landing page of Google SEO, which requires the website to clearly express the product selling point, inquiry or order transformation process orders.            Hugo: What will be the trend of Google's SEO search engine in the future?            Zeng Dewei: The future of Google SEO will be more biased towards white hat Google SEO, and will get a lot of traffic more quickly. Because Google's algorithm is becoming more and more intelligent, any kind of Google SEO cheating practices, it is difficult to obtain a lot of traffic for a long time.

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