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Google Advertising and Amazon Advertising
Google Advertising and Amazon Advertising            Source: Unknown author: admin release time: 2019-01-1011:34 clicks: 92            This year's holiday season is bound to be another carnival for Bezos, the world's new richest man! However, in the face of potential capital and inventory risks behind huge sales, almost all sellers began to use off-site promotion as Amazon's only means to increase sales and balance risks. Because offline promotion contains too much content, today we mainly focus on one topic to share with you - should Google advertisement do?            Part I: A clear understanding of "off-site promotion"            Today, when Amazon sellers gather together, almost nobody mentions that they are outside the station. If we look at the reasons, we can actually see a few points:            Firstly, with the development of Amazon today, the available resources and flexible space in Amazon are becoming smaller and smaller. It seems that the core of off-site promotion can only focus on evaluation, but in order to evaluate whether it is worthwhile to risk a lot of testing and loss of profits?            Secondly, we all want to get more orders from Amazon, but the real orders come up every day with trepidation, because everything has turned into goods in Amazon warehouse. In order to balance risks, large-scale sellers are more urgently needed to do off-site promotion than small and medium-sized sellers.            Thirdly, the Sino-US trade war has officially begun. When Alibaba and Jingdong stock prices plummeted in the United States, Amazon became the second company with a market capitalization of more than trillion dollars, and Bezos has become the richest man in the world. This is bound to make more and more B2B factory sellers have to start looking at Amazon as a few safe havens, but used to large orders of manufacturing enterprises, may not intend to do Amazon, and more hope to get more resources through Amazon wholesalers outside the station;            Maybe most sellers will think that off-site promotion is to import off-site traffic into Amazon, and then get more orders from Amazon. However, from the point of view of Meta-Net, in order to achieve higher profits, balance the risks of Amazon and develop overseas distributor resources, we should not import traffic into Amazon to form a transformation, but should import traffic into any platform other than Amazon, which includes eBay, ETSY, Shopify and other platforms outside Amazon.            Part II: All from "CPC Advertising"            Why should we start with CPC advertisements? The reason is simple: First of all, we all know that sales come from the flow of the truth, the larger the flow, the larger the sales will be (excluding the conversion factor); so, if you want to increase sales, to buy the flow with money is the only truth that every e-commerce seller can understand.            Amazon merged several Amazon advertising platforms into Amazon Advertising this month (September 6). According to the latest statistics in the U.S. market, Amazon's advertising revenue will rise dramatically this holiday season, surpassing Verison and Microsoft's Bing to become the third largest advertiser in the U.S. after Google and Facebook, because the crackdown on off-site illegal access to evaluations and bills has allowed almost all sellers to invest more in Amazon advertising.            See here, you should be more clear why we focus on CPC advertising, because the largest traffic entry in the United States comes from three companies: Google (advertising market share: 37%), Facebook (advertising market share: 21%) and Amazon (advertising market share: 4%).            Because Facebook ads only search for people's characteristics and interests, not CPC keyword ads, so we will leave out Facebook ads for the moment, and compare Google and Amazon's keyword ads during the holiday season which will begin next month, hoping to give you some inspiration.            Part Three: Google Adwords and Amazon Advertising            Horizontal comparison of the two advertising platforms:            Contrast 1: Page search results            In recent years, Google has changed its search results pages a lot. First, Google will judge the content of the exposure results according to the keywords of the customer search itself. If you search for products, such as CCTV camera, the search results are likely to show six advertisements, six natural search results, YouTube videos, and the nearest businesses (mostly advertisements) and each user. The results of the search are likely to be different.            In contrast, Amazon's search results are much simpler, with nearly 30 search results. There are probably 9 advertisements in them, and there are other advertisements in different parts of the page. The results of each user's search are basically the same.            From this we can see that Google's way of calculating and exposing is much more complicated than Amazon's.            Contrast 2: Exposure mode            Although both Amazon and Google expose your products through customer search keywords, Google sends users to your own web pages or landing pages, while Amazon exposes your products in a unified way similar to those of other competitors.            Contrast 3: Conversion factors            Seeing the different ways of exposure, it should be clear to everyone that Google's conversion rate is more from the "content" of your own target page, while Amazon's conversion rate is more from: pictures, titles, reviews, prices (meta-training content);            Contrast 4: Matching mode            This is basically the same as that of Google. Although Google seems to have a platform called Modification Wide Matching, the two platforms are basically the same: Broad, Phrase and Precision.            Contrast 5: Bidding type           
The two platforms are basically the same, manual, automatic, plus a competitive bidding. Amazon is called Bid+, and Google is called Enhanced CPC.            Contrast 6: Ranking Rules            There are many factors involved, but here's a summary: Google relies on CTR (click-through rate), Amazon relies on conversion rate and total sales.            Contrast 7: Order Conversion Rate            Because the vast majority of people use Google to understand products, and users enter Amazon to buy goods, Amazon's CPC advertising click-through rate and conversion rate are far higher than Google Adwords, which is 5-10 times higher than Amazon's. Find out how Amazon CPC advertisements are set up to have high clicks.            See here, I believe you can guide the answer of the title of today's article, that is: Google advertising investment may be 5-10 times as much as Amazon in order to get the same conversion rate as Amazon.            However, what we need to add is that although Google's "conversion rate" is lower than Amazon's, the amount of conversion is much higher than Amazon's. Because in the fierce market competition, Amazon's gold price range has fallen from 50 dollars three years ago to about 20 dollars. That is to say, every transformation of Amazon can only bring about 20 dollars'profit to sellers. However, a transformation of Google is likely to bring about a deep-rooted recognition in the hearts of buyers, which will bring more benefits. Run, Higher Order Quantity and More Continuous Repeat Purchase! (Source: Aloe Net)

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